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right arrowWe have in-house capabilities to profile and re-profile wheels.

right arrowBurka-Kosmos is an OEM supplier to Gleason-Pfauter, Hoefler and Kapp.

right arrowThey have been manufacturing grinding wheels since 1890.

right arrowBurka-Kosmos supplies 95% of their production to the gear tooth grinding industry.

right arrowJRM International Inc. is Burka-Kosmos' North American Partner.

right arrowWe supply and stock both Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic wheels.

If you are interested in improving your gear grinding process in any of the following areas, we have the products you need:

Surface Finish › Accuracy › Cycle Time › Diamond Consumption › Wheel Cost

Our guarantee to you: Once we have proven that Burka-Kosmos manufactures a superior wheel and has a superior grinding strategy, we simply request payment for products used. In the event that we cannot provide the optimization or improvement you require, no cost will be applied to the products used in the introductory phase of testing.

Current stock is available for immediate delivery:

right arrowCylindrical Inventory
right arrowPre-Profiled (modification available) Inventory
right arrowThreaded Inventory
right arrowRubber Bonded Inventory
right arrowHob Sharpening Inventory

To start the process, Contact Us and provide us with your present grinding data, wheel specification, machine type and gear data.  A quotation will be sent to you. Upon transmittal of your purchase order we will supply you with our recommended grinding wheels and our new grinding strategy based on 20 plus years of experience.