MAKA 5 Axes & CNC Routers

Demo Machines for Sale

Mecal Machining Centers and Saws

We have Mecal Machining Centers, saws and other demo machines for sale at reduced prices.


Mecal Demo FR703

End Finishing Machine

FR703 Brochure


Mecal Demo SW400

Single Compound Mitre Saw

SW400M Brochure


Mecal Demo SW451

Single Mitre Saw

SW451 Brochure

MC304 Ariel-3

Mecal Demo MC304 Aerial

Machining Center

MC304 Aerial-3 Brochure


Mecal Demo MC305 Kosmos TM

Kosmos TM Machining Center

MC305 TM Brochure


Mecal demo MK1-A

Single Corner Welder

MK1-A Brochure

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Atla Coop Machines

We have a Itaca crimping machine and a Praxis crimp and glue machine for sale at greatly reduced prices.

Itaca Solutions

itaca profiling machine

Pneumatic Crimping Machine

Itaca Solutions Brochure

Praxis 4000

Praxis crimping machine

Crimp and Glue Machine

Praxis 4000 Brochure