MAKA 5 Axes & CNC Routers


Hydraulic Lock Nuts and Pullers

Schrem Hydraulic Lock Nut

The Clamping Principal:
The actuation of the pressure screws or the addition of the hydraulic medium activates the self-contained hydraulic system with the pressure transformation. The amount of acting clamping pressure can be identified and monitored via an integrated pressure indicator.

Hydraulic Retract:
Our hydraulic lock nuts are also available with hydraulic retract. Constructions with hydraulic retract reset the hydraulic pressure automatically to the zero/starting position as soon as the pressure breaks down.

right arrowWe repair/rebuild Schrem Hydraulic Lock Nuts onsite at our facility:

  • Purely axial clamping force
    - part remains in its preset position
  • Defined and repeatable clamping force
    -clamping remains the same from operator to operator
  • Much higher clamping force when needed
    - advantage for holding large work pieces
  • Floating clamping face
    - compensates for face run out of spacers and provides full face contact
  • During clamping procedure no radial forces are introduced
    - does not induce run out to cutter or workpiece
  • No hammers used on precision arbors and/or spindles
    - protects against damage to precision machine components
  • Elimination of cheater bars for large work piece clamping
    - reduced risk of operator injury and potential of workmans compensation claims
  • Alignment rings available to true both ends of cutter
    - ability to have cutter run true over its length
  • North American application engineering assistance
    - no language or time barrier/available on short notice to assist you
  • North American service and repair by factory trained technicians
    - quick turn around on repaired locknuts